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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Half Share from Nathan Lowell's Solar Clipper Trader Tales

For space opera fans, the first couple books in Nathan Lowell's Trader Tales of the Solar Clipper Series are out for the kindle. Half Share, released last month, is the second in the series, with Quarter Share being the first.

It's a time of change on the Lois McKendrick. Sarah Krugg joins the mess deck and Ishmael Wang moves to the environmental section. Just after getting accustomed to life aboard a solar clipper, Ishmael must learn a whole new set of skills, face his own fears and doubts, and try to balance love and loss in the depths of space.

Both Ish and Sarah must learn to live by the mantra, "Trust Lois." For Sarah, there is the hope of escaping a horrifying past. For Ish, he must discover what type of man he wants to become and learn the consequences of his choices.

Return with the crew of the SC Lois McKendrick, as you set sail in the next installment of the Trader Tales of the Solar Clipper Series. All your favorites return: Ish, Pip, Cookie, Brill, Diane, and Big Bad Bev. You might even discover some new friends as you travel among the stars.

Both ebooks are under $5.

Solar Clipper Trader Tales:

Half Share
Quarter Share

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