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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

99-Cent Space Opera Ebooks for Science Fiction Lovers

Looking for some extra affordable science fiction? Some adventure-filled space opera, perhaps? Today we're looking at a few 99-cent finds from the Kindle store. Some are humorous, some are serious, some are romances, and some are just...unclassifiable. But they all involve adventures in space!

99-Cent Space Opera Ebooks:

Space Prison (original title: The Survivors) - A ship heading from Earth to Athena, a planet 500 light years away, is suddenly attacked by the Gerns, an alien empire in its expansion phase. People aboard are divided by the invaders into Slaves and Rejects. The former to work under Gern's command on Athena, the latter to stay in the nearest Earth-like planet, called Ragnarok and to be later returned to their mother planet.

Ragnarok, however, turns out to be an inhospitable world, populated by deadly, aggressive creatures. The novels follows the stranded humans through several generations as they try to survive there.

In an irregular galaxy somewhere in the universe, the officers of Space Command voyage through the planetary systems, forever exploring, researching, and hunting for vulnerable, potential colonial outposts.

Join them on their sometimes absurd, sometimes surreal, always bizarre ventures to The Planet of the Miniature Mummies, The Planet of the Telepathic Jellyfish, The Putrid Moon and The Planet of the Dehydrated Primates.

Enjoy these and nine more unusual, but short, adventures with the Space Command crews. You’ll never look at the universe the same way again.

In the vein of Galaxy Quest, except with sex:

Captain Steven T. McNeill, famous explorer and even more famous playboy, finds himself stranded on an remote planet, alone except for his gorgeous, lavender-haired first officer Vaish and a neurotic computer named Fred.

Steven has worked with Vaish for years, yet never really noticed her. But as they face deadly dangers that include the threat of starvation and large, hungry saber-toothed cats, Steven begins to realize how much he admires Vaish's mental and physical attributes.

The galaxy's biggest playboy can't really fall in love... can he?

The DOGs want to destroy the world. The gods want to make a new one. The trick is to survive both. 

The world is on the brink of ecological cataclysm set off by the Oil Spill of 2010 and the Great Sea Level Rise of 2070. When the Defenders of Gaia set off dirty bombs in random cities, Char Meadowlark races to the airport to get off planet until the terror subsides.  Char's friend Mike Augustine secures her a place on the Imperial transport, but the DOGs strike before she can board. Jake Ardri, pilot of the shuttle Space Junque, rescues her and delivers her to the Imperial Space Station where Mike awaits.  When the DOGs' final onslaught goes global and the physical world threatens to implode, the ancient gods reemerge to stop humanity from annihilating all material existence. In this chaos, Char must juggle two men, orbiting eco-terrorists, and a goddess with her own agenda for a new world order.  Will there be room for love in flagrante apocalypto?

Set in 2047, SURFACE IN HEAVEN follows the adventures of Maher and Jules, two would-be lovers who find out as teens that they are direct descendants of an advanced elder race known as the Sarvesarians. Born on a planet called Juniper in the Milky Way, they are cheated from experiencing the beauty and privilege of their majestic homeland that has evolved to a near heavenly state.

Soon enough the rebellious teens learn that their lives have already been mapped out. They are expected to help set neighboring worlds on the same path as their ancestral planet called Sarvesario.

When Maher discovers a powerful function shared by all solar systems, it leads to a new and better method of intergalactic travel for the Junipereans. After the discovery both teens are outed as alien beings. Adventure follows...

Thrill to the the strange adventures of Captain Doris Daring, hotshot pilot Dash Watson, lethal weapons master Clint Walker, his brother Rick (a troubled genius) and the alluring robot Automata.

As they make their way across the cosmos, Doris and her crew meet the last of an order of intergalactic superbeings, ancient aliens, a race of hi-tech bird-women and plenty of other surprises, including one they thought they'd left far behind them. Facing down external threats and their own internal demons, this crew of explorers race from one end of the galaxy to the other, desperately seeking something to save their world from an ever-growing tyranny.

This Halcyon Classics ebook is THE PIRATES OF ERSATZ by acclaimed science fiction/mystery writer Murray Leinster (William Fitzgerald Jenkins). Leinster (1896-1975) was a mainstay of the pulp magazines of the 1920s and 1930s, and following World War II he broadened his audience by writing for Radio, Television, and Hollywood. Among his accomplishments, Leinster is credited with popularizing the notion of parallel universes and the concept of the internet.

Sometimes it seems nobody loves a benefactor ... particularly nobody on a well-heeled, self-satisfied planet. Grandpa always said Pirates were really benefactors, though....

There you have it: several 99-cent space opera reads to check out!

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  1. Thanks for including my book, SURFACE IN HEAVEN.

    Joe Fullam

  2. Wow, quite a few titles for a bargain!