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Monday, January 24, 2011

Dragon Academy by Diane Nelson--YA Fantasy

If you're a young adult who loves fantasy (or an adult who loves YA), then you might try Dragon Academy. This is the work of Diane Nelson, an indie author looking to get her name out there. We're looking at her novel today to see what we can do to help! 


With high school finished for the summer, Nick looks forward to visiting his aunt and uncle in New Jersey. What awaits him is a heat wave like no other - and the last two Greywings on the planet. Nick has an innate ability to train horses but will he be able to translate his amazing skill to these teenage dragons?

The steaming soup of mid-summer heats up tempers and tests resolve as Nick vies with fellow trainers, Keith and Maxie, for mastery over their new charges. The dragons, Nikita and Michael, typical teenagers themselves, have other ideas.

Nick treads a torturous path through a minefield of competing demands: the expectations of his aunt and uncle, recalcitrant horses, the Academy’s female students and the overwhelming egos of Nikita and Michael. One small mistake erupts into a conflagration that hurls everyone into a race against time and forces of nature.


Diane has a smooth writing style that blends fantasy and reality into a believable story. "Dragon Academy" would make a great film. It would also make a wonderful present for anyone who likes Harry Potter or Eragon...
--Mandy Ward

It's one of those rare gems you come across and have to share.

As a teacher, I would definitely recommend my students read this book. --LM DeWalt

I finished reading Dragon Academy and sat smiling to myself for a while. It captured my imagination and took me on a marvelous journey. --Suzanna Burke

Author bio:

Diane Nelson has been writing for over 25 years across a variety of genres - dark urban fantasy,paranormal romance, science fiction, humor and cross-genre erotica. Her completed works include The Guardian Chronicles (paranormal), Mounted Exercises (short stories), Dancing in the Dark: An Anthology of Erotica and Sculpting David (contemporary romance novella). Due out soon: Flashes Through Time - a collection of flash fiction, shortie short stories, poetry, and more, all funny, fantastical, and perfect for a lazy day at the beach, curled up on the sofa or a break from that report [you know you want to].

Dragon Academy is her third full length novel.

Diane is a lifelong equestrienne who has competed in dressage and distance riding. Her love affair with dragons began as a young child and continues unabated. She lives in Pennsylvania with her son, horses, cats, chickens and a family of friends and supporters who provide not just inspiration but absolute belief in her characters and stories.

Diane Nelson's Twitter Page.

At $3.99, the ebook is more affordable than many, and reviews at Amazon are positive. For non-Kindle peeps (did you stumble into the wrong blog?), the novel is also available at Smashwords and Barnes & Noble.


  1. It has the word Dragon in it. That's enough for me:P

  2. Haha, I'll have to put together a dragon-themed post soon. :)

  3. Going to have to look up this book, my interest is perked.

  4. It is a great book....highly recommended. This is a lady who really knows young people and horses and how to write. You won't be disappointed

  5. What happened to the book? Can't find it on any stores :(