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Friday, January 21, 2011

Geek-Approved Kindle Skins

Want to dress up your kindle and show the world your geeky side? Geek pride, right? Well, here are a few skins (decals) that let you add a fantasy or science-fiction vibe to your kindle. They're non-permanent, so no gummy residue, and you can swap them in and out depending on your mood.

If you're interested in any of these skins, click the link to go to Amazon and get more details. Most are available in different sizes for the various kindle generations.

Geeky Kindle Skins

The kindle skins run about $20. Let us know if you decide to get one, or if you want to suggest other geek-approved skins!


  1. Your steampunk picture is the same as the Quest one, but the link takes you to the right one... and it is soooooooo awesome.

  2. Haha, whoopsie. Better go fix that. ;)

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