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Saturday, January 8, 2011

99-Cent Fantasy Find: The Resurrection of Deacon Shader

Next week I'm planning to put together some more lists of 99-cent ebooks, since everyone likes an affordable read, but here's a single fantasy novel for those looking for a weekend treat: The Resurrection of Deacon Shader.

Plague strikes at the heart of Sarum and flesh-eating mawgs have been seen in the sewers.

As Governor Gen struggles to save the populace, the Abbey of Pardes is attacked by an army of undead and a piece of the legendary Sun Stone is stolen from the Grey Abbot.

The holy knight, Deacon Shader, is sent to the plague-city to retrieve it, but he is a man with conflicts of his own, and a destiny that will test his faith to the limits.

If Shader should fail, the Sun Stone will fall into the hands of a being from the mists of pre-history who will harness its power to unweave all of Creation. 

With several five-star reviews, the book looks promising, especially at this price!

The Resurrection of Deacon Shader

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