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Thursday, February 3, 2011

YA Fantasy "Wizards" by John Booth

We've got another indie author on a blog tour stopping by today. John Booth has a YA fantasy novel called Wizards, which is $2.99 for the Kindle.

Jake has a secret hidden in his bedroom, under the carpet. It is a game that every child knows and plays. But for Jake, there is one small difference. This game takes him to strange and wonderful worlds. He calls it hopscotch and it helps him find missing people. It helped him find Jenny.

Jake is a wizard but he doesn’t have a clue.

But that’s not all; Jake has yet another secret, hidden away in the attic. It’s an accident, a strange object from another world. Jake has forgotten about this secret, but that’s all about to change. Because this secret is about to hatch!

Jenny doesn’t think Jake is weird - she likes weird. Princess Esmeralda of Salice thinks Jake should repay past mistakes. Evil wizards, kingdoms at war, chases, rescues, an offer he can’t refuse …

Jake is a wizard and his life is about to get interesting.

A review from Barbara Silkstone, whose popular urban fantasy ebook we talked about last week:

Author John Booth writes with a light touch, so gentle you barely feel his presence. I've enjoyed his short stories on FaceBook, and eagerly jumped into his first novel. It was a return to childhood.

Fluffy, the centerpiece of Jake's world, is a dragon raised from an egg by the young wizard. Together, they're able to travel to other worlds via a magical version of hopscotch. Jenny is Jake's love interest, but Esmeralda, princess of Salice, arouses his teen hormones. I particularly enjoyed Booth's attention to practical details like broomsticks being too uncomfortable to fly Harry Potter style, and the baby Fluffy bonding with Jake when he accidentally mimics the first sounds between mother and infant dragon. The book paints many lovely, lyrical scenes... when Jake visits Salice, when Jenny first meets Fluffy, and when Jake shares his world with Jenny. This is a book to read as if you are a child at heart - because most of us still are.

Author bio:

Hi, my name is John and I am a writer.

I had always dabbled in writing but in late 2006 I discovered I could write novels and in the next two and a half years I wrote 16 of them. To be honest, at that stage they weren't very good because I hadn't found my voice.

I joined Authonomy and spend a year editing and promoting a book called Shaddowdon to win a gold star. Harper Collins reviewed that book and their review was very positive.

Somewhere along the way I found out how to write and I went back and selected some of the best of those novels I'd written and kicked them into shape. Three publishers have found those books good enough to publish and the first two are now in print. Shaddowdon and others are in the pipeline.

I write because I find it highly enjoyable. I also get a kick out of others enjoying my stories. What could possibly be better?

John is on Twitter.

Grab Wizards at Amazon, or, if you know a non-Kindle person, it's available at Smashwords too.

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